Welcome to Season 1 Campers,

You only get one chance at a first impression, so we made this one count. BUT, before we dive into Season 1, you might be asking yourself…

What is a Season?

For Camp D&D Online, we knew many of the games needed to be one-shots, but we wanted them to connect. We wanted them to live in the same world. We also knew that an exciting D&D world is one that evolves and changes with your actions. Characters have to have consequences, empires must fall. All of this can only happen if there is a time span. Hence the Season.

What is Season 1 About?

Dungeons and Dragons is best with surprises, so we're not revealing everything. This first season is a perfect blend of 8 original campaigns and our own 7-part take on The Mines of Phandelver. There are multiple encounters with the same characters, you might meet a Barbarian warrior from Ice Winddale or a loveable fighter named Gwarf, perhaps you'll run into the Witch Morgan Wraith or even cross paths with a Succubus. No matter who you meet, it will spell excitement and danger.

What's in the Season 1 Campaign?

Each campaign has an original video for the intro and sometimes more than one ending, depending on your choices. Each one has been played tested multiple times and taught to each Dungeon Master. While your choices will always guide the story and action, the Dungeon Master will have a full world that your party can interact with that will in turn react to what you want to do.

I hope you enjoy Season 1 of Camp D&D. It's going to be an amazing time. I'm off to plot Season 2!

Founder of Camp D&D