Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about Camp D&D Online!

What Race Are You Going to Choose?

First thing, your character selection of Race is not your character's personality. However, it is important for your appearance and abilities. Choosing a half-orc might give you all the power you need, but it might be harder to blend into the background of a gnome village. Halflings are a tremendous amount of fun to play, but terrible in a pick-up basketball game against the Dragonborn team.

Regardless of your choice, Race does not determine who you are as a person, just like in real life.

Would the game be able to be rescheduled if all the players agreed to reschedule?

In the event that the entire group would like to reschedule, that can be done. We try to side with players and usually this would be free. However, the amount of notice and the number of times this happens are factors.

How does a player set up a multi-session game schedule?

Simply reserve multiple games from our schedule.

However, at the end of the game, a DM will create another game for the same time the following week. This will give that group the best shot of not splitting the party.

You say that the characters start at level 1, and that they are stored on your side of things. Does this mean that the player can make a character and use that same character in multiple different one-shots/games? If you can use one character for many different games, how do you balance player-to-player "gear level"? As in, if my character only has two magic items, and I join a game where everyone else has 7, the power balance is unequal. How do you handle that?

How does Leveling Up work?

Everyone starts on Level 1. Leveling works like normal Dungeons and Dragons suggests in 5th Edition.

Can you have multiple different Characters/Character Sheets?

Yes. This will happen this year. However, it may not happen on the launch.

Can special items bought or earned be shared among your own different characters?


Can Gold earned during games be shared among your own different characters?


How is earning XP handled?

XP is earned through a type of milestone system. Completion of sessions equals earned XP.

How is loot division handled, especially if it becomes contentious?

Earning magic items for your character to use in future sessions can be a difficult conversation to be had with other players. In the event of a disagreement, the DM has the final say. For our homebrew content, rewards are often planned with certain classes in mind. If the quest calls for a treasure trove, items fitting each party member will be found.

Character death?

When a character dies (and we mean fully die, death saves, the whole 9 yards) during an encounter, their player has to sit out the rest of the encounter, but is allowed to continue with that character for the rest of the session, with penalties. These penalties include: missing out on the dragon coin bonus awarded at the end of the session, losing any gold accumulated during the session, and experience points for the session. Also, your party as a whole will miss out on some dragon coin bonuses and aren't allowed to loot your temporarily deceased corpse, so it's in their best interest to keep the entire party hale and whole.

How do you deal with pacing? What if players take too long or rush through the assigned material?

Our DMs are equipped with extra possible encounters to pad time while not diluting the story, and are also aware of what they can cut without sacrificing key lore components. They know how to keep the role-playing clipping along and how to streamline combat to peak efficiency.

TPK Rules (including PC-induced TPK):

In the event of a TPK, which is disheartening even during home games, players may experience one of several possible outcomes. The context of the TPK is very important. While we do allow friendly fire, fireballing your party to roast some mind flayer calamari will result in the pyro-passionate player losing a Dragon Coin Bonus in lieu of their teammates. Cooperative play and team effort will always be rewarded over selfish completionism. If a TPK occurs because that's the way the dice fell, yes, the typical dragon coin bonus would be removed like when a PC typically dies, and ANY unbanked gold would be forfeit as well, instead of the typical 40%.

How do you deal with people who don't want to follow plot hooks?

There's not much else to do, frankly. Your DM won't turn around and take you on a completely different adventure than the one they prepared. Our one-shots and chapters are set-up to take you on a very particular adventure. We encourage you to read the game description before signing up for a session, to ensure that you're participating in a game event that you truly want.

How open-world are the games?

Our current modules and campaign chapters are set up that each one has a specific goal/quest that pertains to a very specific area. There are typically a few options for exactly how a quest is accomplished, but more free-form, open-world campaigns are still in development.

How do you define murder-hobo? How do you deal with murder-hobos?

To us, a murder-hobo is a character/player who sacrifices the choices/wishes of the group for the sake of getting as many kills as possible, even involving friendly and/or neutral NPCs. While much of our season 1 content is of the "hack-and-slash" variety, there are still great moments for role-playing and we want players to experience them if they wish. If an entire party prefers to "use magic missile and ask questions later" then that is their prerogative and that is how their sessions will run. If the majority of the party votes one way and one player still wants to gut the helpful old lady, and even tries to roll to attack, the DM simply won't oblige them. If a player/character continues to be disruptively bloodthirsty instead of humorously bloodthirsty, that may result in a boot and refund.

How do you deal with a player that knows all the session secrets already and is spoiling the experience for others?

While there is nothing inherently wrong with replaying a session (maybe you're building up a new character, you love that DM and want to play as many of their games as possible, or you really enjoyed the session content) consistently blurting out secrets or ruining the play experience for other players will most likely fall under a game boot and refund. If that trend continues across sessions, that may result in a ban.

Do you have party matching filters?

Currently our party-matching filters are: who wants to play at this time and with this DM. We do however have plans to implement a more thorough investigation of player personality and play types to better match each and every adventurer.

Are player profiles/metrics public?

In the interest of privacy, there is a limited amount of information visible on another player's profile. We are still discussing whether "total games played" will be visible or not.

How do you handle in-fighting?

Our DMs are trained to deal with conflict resolution and will do their utmost to settle player differences. If the conflict stems from more than just simple player disagreements, the DM can and will exercise their right to boot and/or ban a player who may be harassing other players.

How do you deal with parties that don't want to play with certain other players?

If you're having trouble with another player or a DM, please use the report function that allows you to create a ticket that goes straight to the Superadmin, who will review your complaint and act accordingly.

How do players agree on party build?

When using our pre-gen characters, party build is already accounted for, with the available characters balanced out. If you've attended a free character creation session and are using that character, party build can be "Oops, all bards" and even then our DMs can accommodate a variety of scenarios.

How do you balance people who look up and then use min-max builds?

We encourage players to build their characters however they'd like, but they should also be cognizant that a higher damage output means that you're more of a threat, and our monsters have higher INT scores than one might think ;)

How do you deal with a party that is split on conflict resolution styles?

Our DMs typically put things to a vote, and if the vote is perfectly split, then they will act as the tie-breaker, choosing the option that will fit best with the current narrative.

Profanity rules?

All of our games are currently 18+, and do not have any particular profanity restrictions, with the one exception that profanity is not to be targeted or directed towards other players.

How do you deal with disruptive crosstalk or players trying to hog all of the limelight?

Our DMs are skilled at facilitating a supportive space where players of all levels can flourish and experience the limelight. They will gently and then firmly remind players to focus on the game and to respect other players during their role-playing moments or during their turns in combat. If players cannot learn to participate in a cooperative manner, it is likely that they will be booted.

WHY do all players start at level 1?

Players start at level 1 to give them time to bond and connect with their character and also for the sake of simplicity. Since characters will be pre-generated by us or created by players during a character creation session, we're able to assure correct character creation in the moment, rather than proofreading every feature/spell of every level 16 Tiefling sorcerer that players submit for approval.

Will there ever be a system of buying higher level characters?

Since we are very much NOT "pay-to-win", no.

How does Initiative Work?

Camp D&D works on an Up or Down system

Hit Points are controlled by the DM.

What's this gold store?

The Gold Store is our downtime bazaar, a place where you can change out weapons and armor, and pick up extra supplies for adventuring or copying down new spells, whatever you need! You can spend the gold accumulated in the session here! Our DMs will do their best to add your new items to your character sheet, but we beg for your patience as we continue to update and implement the system.

Where's my link?

There are a few different places you can find the link for your game: on the game details page itself, as a link in your "upcoming games" section, and very soon, we'll be sending emails with the relevant links as well.

How does a player set up a multi-session game schedule?

Simply reserve multiple games from our schedule. Also at the end of the game, a DM will create another game for the same time the following week. This will give that group the best shot of not splitting the party.

How does Leveling Up work?

Everyone starts on Level 1. Leveling works like normal Dungeons and Dragons suggests in 5th Edition.

Is this pay to win?

Not at all. Gold can only be earned in the game and can not be purchased. Character Experience can also not be purchased. Real-world money can only be used to purchase Dragon Coins, and Dragon Coins can only be used to purchase games. This Kickstarter will be the only time you can use the money to purchase special objects... but it's a Kickstarter so.. we needed to go big.

Can you have multiple different Characters/Character Sheets?

Yes. This will happen this year. We almost have it down, hopefully, it will be ready at launch. Definitely ready in the next 3 months.